Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monogram Wreath Craft - Thanks Pinterest!

So the random posting continues... Thanks for sticking with me here people :-) 

By now, I'm sure you're all on Pinterest - if so, follow me! I'm loving this addictive new social networking site, not just personally, but professionally. It' so fun pinning cool ideas and inspirational images for myself and for work. However, if you're like me, you haven't really put many of those pinned ideas to work in real life, well, anything other than the recipes. I've found my "Deliciousness" Pinterest board to be my go-to destination when meal and menu planning!

Well, I've finally put an end to the useless pinning (and not taking any action) the other day when I picked up all of the odds and ends necessary to create a new wreath for our front door - using all of those wreaths I've pinned as inspiration :-) Here's the main wreath, which inspired my own design:

Like I said, this was the inspiration - but, it was a bit too fussy for me... With the faux floral, house numbers and extra-large lettering. I knew that with a trip to my local craft store, I'd find just the ingredients to make the perfect wreath for us. And I did! First thing I located was a 24" grapevine wreath...

Then, I located the perfect simple faux greenery adornments - and a little feather never hurt anyone :-) You know how much I love feathers in floral, right?!?

I simply cut the "stalks" of the greenery and feathers down and threaded them into the vines of the wreath. I knew I wanted them a bit askew, so I did figure out the top and bottom of my wreath - some of the vines were fuller in some places than in others.

Here's a close up of that sweet feather detail on the wreath:

I knew I wanted to include some kind of moss monogram or initial, like the one in my inspiration image - but, I wasn't quite sure how I could achieve that look until I found the "moss roll." AMAZING! I can think of so many ways to use this unique product!

I figured that hot glue, from my mini glue gun, would be my best bet in adhering the moss. So I squeezed a bit of glue and wrapped, and trimmed, and glued some more. A few slight burns from the mini glue gun and I was here...

This process did take a bit of time, but as I moved along it became easier. One thing to note here - if you have any "bald spots" on your moss covered letter - squeeze out a bit of glue into the spot and sprinkle on some of the bits of moss green that came loose as you trim around your letters. Works like a charm!

And here's my completed moss initial - just what I was hoping for! And that almost never seems to happen with my crafts :-)

Next, I needed to find a way to attach my letter to the center of my wreath. I'd also picked up this burlap ribbon at my hardware store, thinking I'd be able to incorporate it into the wreath in some way - well, it worked perfectly as the "letter hanger!" A few staples later and we were in business.

This is one of the loves of my crafting life - my new(ish) electric staple gun. I can't believe we didn't invest in one of these earlier, what with all of the DIY upholstery projects I've taken on. I got it for recovering my new upholstered ottoman, and it worked great! More to come on that project later...

Here's the backside of my wreath and moss wrapped initial - our door is solid, so I didn't have to worry about the backside :-) I guess if you have a glass door, you'd want this side of your letter to be covered nicely too.

In a little more than an hour, our wreath was complete! And I'm loving the results! It was the perfect replacement for an old, drab, berry wreath that was supposed to stay out for the fall only. And here we were three years later, ha!

Well, I'm loving the new addition to our front porch :-) Hopefully you're inspired to craft something from your Pinterest boards - it makes the whole pinning process even more exciting!

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