Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun With Election Day

Check out some of these great blogs for Election Day themed posts & enjoy today, who knows... it might be time for change!

And check out one of my favs, Cake Wrecks for Election-themed wrecktacular cakes!

Creature Comforts

And here's a blog that claims they've learned of FREE things you get for voting... For Me, For You

Greedy Girl also has a very nice post : )

Enjoy the day ladies & gents, and let me know if you find any other amusing election day posts!


  1. This is such a great roundup of what everyone has done! And, yes, loving those cocktails!!

  2. I heard Starbucks was giving away a fee cup of coffee to customers if they came in and said they voted... AND Ben and Jerry's was giving away free ice cream! Pretty good deals.

    BTW: the apple slices (they were apple slices, right?) accompanying your 'Smores in the post below look absolutely fleur de-licious :) what did you put on them??


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